Big News - EasyTatt™

July 29, 2016

Over the past 2 months EasyTatt has undergone dramatic changes. We have spent many days and exploring the world tirelessly for new artwork. We have connected with real artists around the world who we are incredibly excited to be working with. We are welcoming new artists and their work with open arms and giving them an opportunity to expose their work to new audiences. We respect the work that tattoo artists and illustrators do, which is why we don't take away any rights to their designs. 

Our new tattoo glove application method is the first of its kind and adds a new level of fun and enjoyment to applying your temporary tattoos. Each one of our EasyMatte bottles contains enough liquid for 20-30 tattoos so it will certainly last you.

Finally we are incredibly proud to announce that with over 5000 tattoo designs, EasyTatt™ will boast the world's largest collection of temporary tattoos. What this means is that even if you do not have a design of your own to send us - you are sure to find something which you love from our collection!

We can't wait to help people around the world make a more informed decision by allowing them to test drive their tattoo design before they get inked for real. 

The world's largest collection of temporary tattoos, real artists and a patent-pending application method. We think that's worth a thumbs up!