25 Little Tattoos to Get you Inspired.

August 11, 2016

Whether you're not quite ready for a large tattoo or if you're just looking for something that is easy to cover up, here are 25 little tattoos to get you inspired. Oh yeh, and many of them are available in our library!


Although this symbol is known colloquially as the 'and' symbol, the correct name for it the ampersand. It can be a reminder that there is always something next. Hardship and pain will not last forever. The world keeps moving.


So simple yet so profound. The continent outline is a popular small-tattoo choice and rightly so, it looks fantastic. We have one in our library of temporary tattoos tattoos.


'Strength', a good daily reminder for us all.


Here's a nice arrow, which we think would be perfect for your first tattoo. Oh yeh, and we have hundred of them in our library. Check them out here.


 'hope', another great beginner tattoo and easy to hide on the ribcage.


The lotus flower is very popular among women. Whether small or large they are beautiful.


'Wanderlust' - a strong desire to travel. This looks great, here, in typewriter font. 


Quotation marks. These can be a reminder that life is supposed to be unwritten.


Two hearts. A classic symbol of love and friendship.


Tying the knot is one thing but would you go this far?


'Free'. A reminder to live your life boundlessly


This tattoo looks great on the wrist!


'Fearless'. Because a life lived in fear is no life lived at all.


We're not sure of the meaning behind this one but we love its simplicity. We have hundred like this in our library.


The Treble Clef. An elegant symbol and great for the wrist or behind the ear.