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EasyTatt™ is a company run by artists who have a genuine passion for tattoos and helping people express themselves through authentic artwork. We are experts in helping people to test drive their tattoo design before getting the real thing - plus so much more.


Pascal has a background in Marketing and Law, and 2015, while pursuing his legal career, Pascal started EasyTatt™ as a passion project on the side. As EasyTatt began to grow, however, Pascal was faced with the tough decision; climb the corporate ladder or commit to EasyTatt full-time. No surprise, Pascal chose EasyTatt and he hasn’t looked back since! Pascal lives and breathes every aspect of the company. With a keen eye for detail and quality, Pascal continues to build the EasyTatt brand, develop the product line and oversee marketing. Pascal is an illustrator in his spare time and a big part of the EasyTatt vision was to help talented artists expose their work to new audiences. This has led to Pascal fostering connections with artists all over the globe. Pascal is an animal lover who is often showing off photos of his dog Rufus and cats, Gucci and Ralph. 

No# of real tattoos: Seven

Favourite tattoo style: Traditional black/grey

Next tattoo idea: Scorpion on forearm

Declan is hands down the most rad dude in the team! Declan is a tattoo artist who has enjoyed drawing from a very young age. He started skateboarding in in 1988 which he says has shaped him tremendously with music, art and culture. Illustrators such as famed Powell Peralta artist VCJ that painted all the classic 80s skateboards including Tony Hawk and Mike Mcgill and the rest of the Bones Brigade. Declan says seeing tattoos on skaters in the videos from the 80s planted the seed in tattoo art. “I remember in high school a teacher saying my art was very “tattoo like”. Not sure if it was a positive or negative comment but I took it in my stride.” Declan also started playing heavy metal guitar at a young age and to this day, heavy metal album covers continue to influence his art. Declan is a massive fan of the traditional Japanese style. Declan loves the mythical creatures, the beauty of natural scenes depicting Trees, mountains, water, animals as well as the extreme nature of the Samurai and their romantic existence. “The wood block prints and paintings work perfectly as tattoos on the human body like it was meant to be there, the way the composition works on the body, the flow, the movement, the colours and the rules of how certain animals and elements work in harmony is beautiful. I love that creating art is something that will always progress and you will never fully master which will always give you a new challenge from day to day.” Declan has worked as  a professional tattoo artist for many years but has also shifted focus to freelance illustration as it gives him a sense of freedom and suits his personality and lifestyle perfectly.

No# of real tattoos: 2 Sleeves, 1 whole leg, all of front – “I have more skin tattooed than untattooed”

Favourite tattoo style: Traditional Japanese

Next tattoo idea: Big gloomy octopus on my other leg!

Misty has a passion for art, sport and her puppy, Lola! When Misty is not overseeing that orders go out on time, you’ll find her working in our studio on original commissions for clients who want designs drawn from scratch. Misty loves music from the 60s and 70s, and on weekends you might find her trawling through old record stores in search of some vintage vinyl. An all-around entertainment lover, Misty also enjoys a good jigsaw puzzle, video games and movie marathons! Our team was also surprised to learn that Misty has two bearded-dragon lizards as pets! Their names are Piccolo and Gonzales. With her diverse interests, Misty always has something to talk about and this always lifts the workplace vibe. 

No# of real tattoos: Three

Favourite tattoo style: Minimalist line art

Next tattoo idea: Memorial Tattoo for her late grandfather

Cassie is an artist who specialises in realism illustration. A tattoo lover herself, Cass joined the EasyTatt team in 2019 as one of our in-studio artists. When Cass isn’t assisting with customer support, she’s working on a piece of art for her portfolio. Cassie is a long-time horse rider and owns a horse called Mikki. Cassie loves cats, snakes and spiders (yes spiders!). While snakes and spider might sound strange to some, they are some of our most popular designs! So, of course, we embrace everything weird, wacky and the wonderful at EasyTatt. Cassie is also a singer and can very often be heard singing along to the radio.

No# of real tattoos: Eight

Favourite tattoo style: Realism

Next tattoo idea: Watercolour Compass

Our resident Renaissance man, Sam is currently a postgraduate in English at the University of Adelaide, a qualified youth worker, who also dabbles in freelance writing. These interests feed into passions for creativity, intellectual ideas, the environment and social justice. After completing a Bachelor of Arts and International Studies and having undertaken a parliamentary internship, Sam was primed to undertake a career in Government but found the prospect soul destroying and instead embarked on extensive overseas travel which prompted him to pursue his passions. During this period Sam joined EasyTatt, with our free-thinking startup environment allowing him to embrace his skills, passion and creative side. When he’s not at work, or writing he can be found running park trails, planning his next trip or exploring our beautiful world from behind a camera lens.

No# of real tattoos: Two

Favourite tattoo style: Japanese/Traditional

Next tattoo idea: Koi fish on upper arm

Yenty has been with us since the early days in 2015. She runs her own design studio and also provides graphic design, website design and illustration services. She loves designing her own designs to contribute to the EasyTatt library and says she tries to keep her tattoo style fresh and different from what is out there. It’s certainly working, as Yenty’s designs are some of our best-selling tattoos. In particular, her beautiful floral pieces! Yenty is influenced by paper cut illustration style and then develops and grows from there to have achieve her current style. When Yenty isn’t working she loves to travel. If you are interested in getting any of her tattoos permanently, she’s happy to speak to you so simply get in touch with her.

No# of real tattoos: None (yet!)

Favourite tattoo style: Minimal floral illustration




The founder, Pascal Tolley, began developing EasyTatt™ in 2015. EasyTatt™ is a true grass roots story started by a uni student who had an idea and a passion for art, especially, tattoo art!

The concept for EasyTatt™ came while Pascal was in the decision-making phase of getting a real tattoo. If you've ever wanted a tattoo but have never actually been able to decide on a design, Pascal can relate. For Pascal, the problem was not being able to truly test drive the designs that he was considering. 

Pascal knew about temporary tattoos but he wasn't able to find a company that could print his original design in limited quantities. Those that could print custom designs required minimum order quantities of 500 or more. This was not suitable for Pascal but it created his 'Aha' moment. After 18 months of research and product development, and heavy investment in printing technology, EasyTatt™ was born. 

Custom temporary tattoos by EasyTatt. High quality temporary tattoos that are long lasting.


First and foremost EasyTatt™ is not about replacing real tattoos, in fact, we embrace tattoos by giving customers greater confidence when it comes to getting their real tattoo. Using the latest in non-permanent tattoo printing technology, we aim to provide users with greater peace of mind and certainty when it comes to visiting the tattoo parlor. Experimenting with different designs and sizes without commitment is not only smart, it's also really fun! Remember, EasyTatt tattoos aren't just for people who plan on getting inked, they are also a great fashion accessory and work well for events.


Use state-of-the-art temporary tattoo technology to stop regretful tattoos and give everyone, young and old, the freedom to test drive various tattoo designs and sizes before getting inked for real. Provide unique ways for businesses and sporting clubs to promote themselves, and add a little more fun to private parties and celebrations.


To be the first thing that comes to people's minds when they start the decision-making phase of getting a real tattoo. To build a diverse community of talented tattoo artists and illustrators, and give them the opportunity to expose their work to new audiences.

Temporary tattoos designed by real artists. Realistic temporary tattoos that last.

High quality temporary tattoos


  • We are experts in helping people test drive a tattoo design before committing to the real thing.
  • EasyTatt™ has a library of over 5,000 temporary tattoos spanning over 60 different categories.
  • First-of-its-kind tattoo shine-removing formula (EasyMatt™).
  • 15% royalties to artists. 
  • Artists retain full rights to their work. We only contract for a licence to use the artwork. There is no transfer of copyright.
  • EasyTatt™ provides links to artists' own social media sites and webpages, which directs more traffic to their personal sites and increases their exposure in the market.