Custom Image Small


1 tattoos = $4

8 tattoos = $19.99

How to get your custom EasyTatt™

Step 1: Have your artwork saved as a PDF, JPEG or PNG.  

Step 2: Click on your preferred size, pay at the checkout, then email the image to us at

Don't forget to tell us exactly how big you would like your custom tattoo to be. It can be any size within the custom size you have selected. - We will do the rest!

Important: Please ensure that the background of your image is white or, if not, ensure that it is easy enough for us to remove with Photoshop.

Need something designed? For small things, i.e you want to add some text to an existing image or you want to combine existing images just email with your request. If you need something drawn from scratch speak to one of our artists here.

Any questions? Call or send us an email and we'll help you :)

Custom EasyTatts are perfect for those who...

  • Want to try out a tattoo design before committing to the real thing,
  • Company promotions,
  • Weddings, Sporting events, Team events,
  • Fundraising, Private parties, Hen's Nights, Buck's Nights, 
  • Music Festivals, Concerts and more!   

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