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Extra Large Custom Semi-Permanent


(on orders $45 AUD+)


The Process:

1. Upload your design (see image requirements below)

2. Select quantity (huge savings as quantities increase)

3. Wait 7-10 days for us to produce your tattoos + delivery time

Total Wait Period: 2-4 weeks

Why do custom semi-permanent tattoos take this long?

For us to produce our Semi-Permanent Nano Ink efficiently, we need to print a large volume of tattoos at once. This means, we only print every 7 business days once we have collected a large number of orders.

The Big Up Side? We can offer enormous discounts to our customers. For example, you can get 100 custom semi-permanent tattoos for $85 AUD ($0.85 per semi-permanent tattoo).

Can I use a design from the temporary tattoo library as a custom permanent?

Absolutely! Any non-colour design from our temporary tattoo library can be converted into a custom semi-permanent tattoo. Simply screenshot the design you want and upload it as your custom image. Don't worry about the watermark, we'll use the original high res version for your semi-permanent tattoo.

Convert any temporary design to semi-permanent: Want one of our temporary tattoo designs as a semi-permanent? Easy! Simply screenshot the temporary design from our website and upload it as your image. We'll use the original high-res version for your tattoo!

Image requirements:

Please upload a high quality design. We can make some adjustments in Photoshop but we can't enhance image resolution. Colour is not available for semi-permanent

Image Checker - If you want us to check your image, simply text the image to us on +61420 444 949

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Maddie Eickenloff
Amazing quality and customer service

Amazing quality! There was a wait as I ordered mine as soon as they released them but we’ll worth the wait! The customer service was amazing when I was enquirijg about my tattoos. I have only tried my 1st tattoo and it looks so natural and real. And lasts a long time!

Awesome Product

Love the custom tattoos. Really cool to be able to test drive any design you can dream up and they look great when they’re applied. They also last a decent amount of time too. Will definitely buy again!

Jitender Singh
Great Quality Always

I always used the custom semi permanent tattoos before getting the real one and never been disappointed.

Kylie S
Fabulous custom tattoo

I love this tattoo it looks fabulous and customer service was amazing. Thank you all!