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Floral Sternum
Zilla Miller
Impressive results

Easy to apply. True to advertising. Great result. Very impressed by the quality of the tattoos. Will definitely buy again.

Small mystery

Great sizes and lots of variety.

love love love my temp tattoos

I bought a mix of temp tattoos as an experiment to cover some scars. My husband helped me choose the flowers and i ended up with a daisy chain of colour over my sternum, right up to my collar bones. I honestly couldn't stop looking at myself, the effect was such a confidence boost! Now i'm considering getting real ones but in the meantime, it's just so cool to know I have the option of a temporary fix. Really really special. Thanks so much xx

(NEW) The Path
Lillian Cheesman
Cool design

I put it on my arm and it looked sick as hell

Great temp tattoos

Super easy to apply and with the e kit they look realistic, even tricked a few friends 😂

Awesome Fun!!!

We got multiple Tattoos. They are great. Can’t believe how real the look and feel. Great fun!!

Roses Outline
Tess Clarkson
So realistic

I have been asked many times if I've gotten a new tattoo - the semi permanent styles look fantastic on and the designs are good looking and professional

Two Dolphins
Earle taylor
Great tat


Just be x 2
Catherine Elson
My first tattoo

Wanted to try before I get the real one. Looks great. Fooled my kids. So easy to apply too. Highly recommend

(NEW) Wolf Beauty
Pamela Whitwell
Wolf Beauty

Loved the tattoos, easy to apply and lasts ages

Georgia Mason Collection non-permanent tattoos

Super cute collection of tattoos ! Love every single one of them! Get so many for the price 😍

Tree Heart
Scott Marshall
First time user

I used this product for a placement test for a tattoo I’m looking at getting and it was so easy to use. Looked a lot better than I was expecting and recommend highly for anyone who is unsure about getting anything permanent yet.

Quick, easy, effective.

Super simple ordering process for custom pieces, will be ordering again if I want to test future tattoo ideas!

(NEW) P*ssy Patrol

Tattoo review

Good quality and last nicely, looks so real!

(NEW) She Wolf
Donna Kirkham
Beautiful product

Gorgeous designs! I bought the temporary tattoo arm sleeve and I LOVE it!! It looks amazing and people thought at first glance it was real. It's a really good quality product and I can highly recommend.

(NEW) So Nauti
Jose Diomampo
Amazing results

easy application with amazing results. very pleased with the product

Yozanna Hamence

The detail is so precise and it looks so good, so real! People think it's a new tattoo. Looking forward to getting more.

Great Tattoo!

Love my tattoo, it’s looks great and not “fake”. I have swam in the pool and showered and it has not faded at all. Not sure how long it will last yet but after 3 days it look fab :)

The only “bad” thing is that ingot sent the wrong instruction so the tattoo “bled” on another part of my arm and now I look like I have a mega bruise lol!

(NEW) The Path
Love them

I was super surprised to see the outcome! WOW loved the process of watching it darken. Amazing how it works and stays on my skin. A unique product that is absolutely amazing! Very happy with the result! Thank you

Single Line Rose
niamh bourke
semi permanent tats

these tattoos were so cute!! i loved them & they stayed on for ages <3

Amazing !

Fantastic quality and great customer service. Not to mention that they look super real! Highly recommend!

Custom Semi-permanent tattoo

The quality is so good! They give you everything you need to make it look authentic with so much variety as well as a custom made option. Mine looks so good and lasted a week and a half!

Amazing product

Awesome product easy to use and great to make sure this is what you want before the real thing

Beautifully done

My tattoo’s arrived very quickly. They were spot on to my design. They will greatly help me decide on positioning my new tattoo.